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Where to Find or Buy Accessible Books, Documents and Media

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Where to buy braille transcription services

• The difference between producing Braille and embossing bumps on a page has to do with proper formatting. If you have access to a Braille embosser with Braille Translation software and do not know how to transcribe, and the document need is formal or complex (i.e. tables graphs, etc.), BUY the service.
• A single page of print usually becomes 2 to 3 pages of Braille. Braille Transcription services usually charge by the page

  1. Foundation for Blind Children: https://seeitourway.org/services/braille-on-demand/ 602-337-8221 (based in Phoenix, AZ)
  2. Braille Works: brailleworks.com 813-654-4050
  3. Future Aids: The Braille Superstore: braillebookstore.com/copy-center 800-987-1231
  4. Braille Plus: http://www.brailleplus.com/ 480-782-0223

Where to buy large print and or audio transcription

  1. Braille Works: brailleworks.com/ 800-258-7544
  2. Future Aids: The Braille Superstore: braillebookstore.com/copy-center 800-987-1231

Where to buy verification and remediation for accessible forms and documents

  1. Level Access: levelaccess.com/ 800-889-9659
  2. 247 Accessible Documents: 247accessibledocuments.com/ 347-708-1524
  3. Allyant: allyant.com 800-563-0668

Where to buy descriptive video services

  1. Media Access Group at WGBH https://www.wgbh.org/foundation/services/media-access-group 617-300-3600

Where to find accessible books and materials

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